Disclaimer: This is not an offering of a security. This is an opportunity to become a member of Broadlands Asset Management LLC. Invitations to Broadlands Asset Management LLC are exclusively offered on an individual basis.

Membership Paperwork

  1. Download and complete the Application and Membership Subscription Agreement.
  2. A prospective member completing the Application and Membership Agreement is not a guarantee of membership into Broadlands Asset Management LLC. Prospective members should wait until Neilesh Sambhu (Broadlands Asset Management LLC Operating Manager) signs the Application and Membership Agreement before proceeding to subsequent steps.
  3. Download and complete the W9 Form.
  4. Write a check payable to "Broadlands Asset Management LLC" for the desired investment amount.
Mail the completed Subscription Agreement, W9 Form, and check to:
Broadlands Asset Management LLC
1552 Broken Branch Dr.
Wesley Chapel FL, 33543
  • The scanned Subscription Agreement and W9 Form may be emailed to broadlandsassetmanagementllc@gmail.com for faster processing, but the check must be mailed to the aforementioned mailing address.
  • In the Subscription Agreement, $0 and 0 units are listed for the price and number of units because unit valuation for each member's deposit will take place after money is received and processed. See "How are units valued?" and "How are units valued for deposits and withdrawals?" in the FAQ page for more information.
  • Only the first page of the W9 Form needs to be sent.

Bivio Account Information*

Members will make deposit(s) and earn interest on their investments. Guests do not make deposits but are able to view and follow the value of the investment club's units over time. Guests do not fill out any of the above paperwork but may become members at a later time. If you are a minor, a guest account does not require approval by a custodian (parent or guardian).

*Within 2-3 business days after submitting this form, you will receive an email invite to join Bivio as a member of Broadlands Asset Management LLC, which is free and required for all investment club memberships. Please do not create a Bivio account until you receive an email invite.

Please report any technical problems with the application to broadlandsassetmanagementllc@gmail.com with the subject "Investment Club Application Error".